The Whole Person Project

We help people deeply connect to their lives so they can create the one they want. 

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Transformation in 3 Steps...

We'll help you explore the depths of your being to rediscover your infinite goodness and eternal worth, and then, we'll show you how to create the life you want to live.

REDISCOVER your True Self

Your True Self is your core Identity. It is who you were before you knew who you were. It is unchangeable, unhurtable, and undefined by any experiences that may have tarnished your self-image or created insecurities. Rediscovering your True Self comes from deeply connecting to yourself.

RESTORE a Positive Self-Image

The rediscovery of your True Self restores an infinitely positive self-image. Once you like what you "see" when you think of who you are, you're fully empowered to create the life you want to live. 


REALIZE your Preferred Reality

Your preferred reality is naturally attracted to a positive self-image. You'll find yourself joyously living your best life and finally, you'll realize heaven was meant to be lived on earth.


"When I began this journey I wasn’t expecting to find my soul. My work with The Whole Person Project has been an absolute awakening from within. I’ve learned how to practice self-compassion, be in the present moment, and heal from the inside-out. "

Elana Sulla

The Whole Person Project Membership

We've developed a membership that literally helps you reach every goal you desire and outgrow every challenge you face. This is the natural result of rediscovering your True Self!

Who's it for?

The Whole Person Project is for you if...

1. You wrestle with self-criticism/doubt
2. You're stressed out/overwhelmed
3. You procrastinate/people-please
4. You struggle with anxiety/depression
5. You're not living the life you want

What you'll learn!

We will empower you to...

1. Live the life you want to live
2. Release insecurities/protective patterns
3. Make and keep promises to yourself
4. Improve emotional security/stability
5. Stand strong on your own two feet

What you'll get!

You'll get all this, and more...

1. New content themes every month: articles, videos, practical applications 
2. 24/7 Community forum access
3. 2, 60m Community meetups/week
4. Restorative FLOW practices
5. Monthly 90m roundtable discussion

Join Us

The Whole Person Project is an inclusive Community of like-minded, hearted, and spirited Individuals, collectively seeking to support one another in the process of rediscovering our True Selves. 

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"Faith transforms the whole person precisely to the extent that she becomes open to love." Pope Francis

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